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      2. Air Compressor

        Air Compressor

        -Tel: +86-0551-4275239
        -Fax: +86-0551-4275549
        -Email: kaishan@kongyaji.cc
        -Address :New station headquarters Economic Building B,Hefei,Anhui,PRC.

        screw air compressor

            Kaishan Group is an enterprise group developed from Zhejiang Kaishan Co.,Ltd, which attains a good reputation in the province. It is honored as the company of good faith and is among the key companies specially fostered by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. The group is the largest manufacturer of Pneumatic Tools in the same trade in terms of production scale.

        piston air Compressor

        www kaishagroup

        piston air Compressor

        Air Compressor and Air Treatment System Services (2009-11-6)
        Address:New station headquarters Economic Building B,Hefei,Anhui,PRC. Postcode:230000
        keywords: Air Compressor screw air compressor piston air Compressor E-mail : kaishan@kongyaji.cc
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